Getting a puppy may seem like an easy decision. Who wouldn’t want a happy, cuddly puppy pottering around the house and playing with the kids? Though this is often the case, there are also some serious aspects of dog ownership to consider before you bring a puppy into your family.

An Australian Labradoodles lives for an aver of 10-13 years. Buying a dog has a major impact on your life for many years to come. Obviously you’ve already considered all of the many positive aspects of dog ownership or you would not be considering getting a dog.  If you are considering an Australian Labradoodle because you are allergic, please see the section of this website titled “Dog Allergies“.

Some Important Things to Consider Before You Buy a Dog:

  • Bondage: You can not take your dog with you every where you go and he can not be left at home alone for too long. This means that sometimes you will have to leave an event before you’re really ready to go home to your dog. You will obviously need to consider your dog when planning weekends way, holidays and special occasions.
  • Time Investment: Every single day your dog will require a significant amount of your time. He will need exercising, training, mental stimulation, physical care and attention. This is even more true when you buy a puppy! The time you will need to invest raising your puppy during the first six months to a year is huge! During the first year of your dog’s life you will need to house break him, socialize him and do the training required for basic obedience.
  • Financial Investment: Of course you will have considered the purchase price for your dog but also think about costs for dog food (for a medium sized dog yet soon about € 50.00 per month!), Veterinary costs or insurance costs(do you have money set aside in case your dog gets sick or is injured?), costs for training and care (course fees, basket, leashes, collars, toys, etc.), dog license, boarding when you go on vacation insurance etc.
  • Remember that a dog is not born a well-behaved and social dog!  Raising your puppy to be a loyal a companion and happy family member takes lots of time, commitment and understanding.