Everyone who breeds Australian Labradoodles, or is in the possession a future Australian Labradoodle breeding dog can become a member of the ALAEU. To become a responsable breeder it is of the greatest importance to have acces to our information in the database. In this database you can find all registered dogs in the ALAEU. If you have questions about the membership, or if you want to apply as an potential member, we ask you to sent an email to

Before you decide to become a member of the ALAEU we recomend to read the breeding rules and code of ethics. When you become a member you have to sign these rules, and with your signature you state that you will follow the rules.

Furthermore it is very important to start with a good breeding dog. We give the chance to sent a pedigree of the breeding dog you want to buy, so we can give an advise. Sent the pedigree to This goes for both dogs from ALAEU-breeders and not ALAEU-breeders.

 Minimal requirements to become a member of the ALAEU: being in possession of a (future) breeding dog, be supported by a ALAEU-member who has registered more than 3 litter him/herself.

By filling out this form you can apply for the membership of the ALAEU. You will receive an answer after your request is being discussed during the board meeting.

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