Applicants must be 18+ and own an entire Australian Labradoodle. This dog has to be registered as well. ALAEU membership entitles full members to General Meeting voting privileges as well as eligibility as an ALAEU General and Executive Committee Officer. You are a full member when you possess a dog fully tested and fulfilling the health requirements of the ALAEU

In consideration of the Australian Labradoodle Association Europe electing me to its membership and thereafter approval of that renewal. My signature on this ALAEU membership application indicates that I have read, understood and agree to abide by the current and future ALAEU’s Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations, internal rules and statutes. Thus being subject to fines and/or suspension if I am found in breach of the aforementioned Code and Rules. It is required to have a certificate of professional competence, or to achieve this within 2 years after registration as ALAEU member.

I’m aware of having to pay my membership, kennel, and breeding dog fees.

 By sending this document I do also declare that I answered the questionnaire honestly

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