Buying an Australian Labradoodle puppy? Here’s what you need to consider

You’re interested in buying an Australian Labradoodle. We understand that the Australian Labradoodle is the most delightful dog there is! But how can you be sure a Labradoodle is right for you and how do you choose the perfect canine companion? We share useful tips and facts so you can be sure you’re making the right decision.

A Labradoodle in your life

Having a dog means a commitment for many years. Did you know that Australian Labradoodles live between thirteen and fifteen years? And besides enriching your life with the company of a four-legged friend, this canine companion also requires something from you:

  • Daily time and attention: Walking, training, grooming, playing… every single day. Australian Labradoodles enjoy being challenged mentally and physically. An hour and a half of exercise a day is an absolute must! In return, you’ll have a relaxed and friendly dog.
  • Financial investment: Besides the purchase price, you should also take into account costs for food, vet visits, possible insurance, training, and grooming.
  • Commitment: You can’t take a dog everywhere with you. Australian Labradoodles don’t like being alone and should not be left outside alone. Sometimes, you might need to come home earlier and plan in advance how to manage holidays and weekends away.
  • Training and care: A dog doesn’t automatically become a sociable dog. Raising a faithful friend takes a lot of time and insight. In addition, its soft, wavy coat requires regular grooming.

Make sure a dog fits into your life – now and for the years to come.

Know where you buy

Ebay is full of ads for cute puppies. But however sweet those faces might look, it's important to be aware of where you buy. A well-socialized puppy is raised indoors in a warm litter that receives time, love, and attention from the breeder and its mother dog. And the breeder adheres to strict rules for the welfare of the animal. The ALAEU is committed to continuing the breed in a healthy and responsible manner. We do this by setting requirements for breeders. That way, you know that buying from an ALAEU breeder means you’re getting a well-bred dog, raised with love and attention.

Prepare well

If you’re expecting a puppy soon, you need to act quickly. There are quite a few items you’ll want to buy before picking up your Australian Labradoodle. Consider things like a lead, a puppy pen, food, and toys. And you’ll also need equipment for grooming. A breeder can advise you on exactly what you need for a puppy. It’s also good to puppy-proof your home. Remove small objects, secure cables and avoid poisonous house plants.

Find a puppy

Looking for a breeder in your area? On our site, you’ll find a handy overview of all ALAEU-affiliated breeders. Want to know what litters are available at the moment? Find available puppies here.

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