About us


The Australian Labradoodle Association Europe (ALAEU) is the European association of Australian Labradoodles breeders.

What the ALAEU does

You don’t need to convince us that the Australian Labradoodle is the greatest dog; we enjoy telling everyone. We are here to assist you with vital information about buying, caring for, and training a puppy. Moreover, we are committed to maintaining the breed in a healthy and responsible manner. We achieve this by establishing requirements for breeders. When you acquire a dog from an ALAEU breeder, you can be confident that it is a healthy dog bred with love and care.

What the ALAEU requires of breeders

The ALAEU imposes strict rules on breeders. If a breeder meets the ALAEU requirements, you can rest assured that you have found a reliable breeder. A breeder who is a member of the ALAEU:

  • Breeds and acts in accordance with the Code of Ethics;
  • Adheres to the ALAEU breeding rules;
  • Can demonstrate their competency;
  • Breeds dogs with 100% traceability.

If you are a breeder interested in becoming an ALAEU member, you can find all the necessary information in the ‘Becoming a breeder’ section.

Tips and information about the Australian Labradoodle

Owning an Australian Labradoodle is a long-term commitment. Therefore, we believe it is important that you are well-prepared. We provide useful tips and information about care, training and nutrition on our website.

The board

The board consists of ALAEU members who actively contribute to the association’s mission and strive for a healthy and responsible approach to breeding Australian Labradoodles.

Below you can find a list of all board members.

Ina Klein Lebbink

Janine Poliste

Susan Bilars

Marieke van Berkel
General boardmember

Reina Bron
General boardmember

Ruben Lems
General boardmember

Agnes Tijsma
General boardmember

Breeding Committee

Joke Bentvelsen