About the breed

Pedigree certificate

When you buy an Australian Labradoodle from an ALAEU breeder, this dog is bred in accordance with the ALAEU’s Code of Ethics and breeding rules. This means you can assume you are buying a responsibly bred puppy from parents that were tested.

A pedigree certificate that looks different was not issued by the ALAEU. So you cannot assume the breeder followed all ALAEU rules. An ALAEU breeder may never produce a pedigree certificate themselves.

Family pet only 

A pedigree certificate may bear the 'family pet only' stamp, which indicates that a dog may never be used as a breeding dog. Reasons for this stamp include:

  • You buy a puppy from an ALAEU breeder that has not been neutered at the time of collection. You have signed a contract agreeing to neuter the puppy within no more than 18 months.
  • You have bought a puppy with a contract that includes a breeding ban.

The pedigree certificate then looks like this: 

Questions about the pedigree certificate? 

Not received a pedigree certificate from your ALAEU breeder, or received a pedigree certificate that looks different to the example? Then contact us.