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Breeder? Become a member of the ALAEU!

If you own an Australian Labradoodle and are interested in breeding, consider becoming a member of the ALAEU. By doing so, you play a crucial role in promoting healthy and ethical breeding practices. As an ALAEU member, you also gain access to a comprehensive database containing information on all registered dogs, facilitating responsible breeding.

Before joining, carefully read the Breeding Regulations and Code of Ethics. By becoming a member, you commit to adhering to these rules. Additionally, starting with a high-quality breeding dog is of utmost importance. You can submit your dog's pedigree chart with your ALAEU application, and we will assess its suitability for breeding. If you wish to evaluate its suitability before applying, email the pedigree chart to

Conditions of membership

To become a member, you must meet these three minimum criteria:

  • Own a breeding dog with 100% traceability.
  • Be supervised by a mentor who is an ALAEU member and has bred at least three litters.
  • Possess a competency certificate before your first litter is born.

Becoming a member

Complete the form to become an ALAEU member. For any membership-related inquiries, please email Once your membership is approved, you will gain access to the members' section of the website.

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Breeding plan

In addition to strong motivation and healthy breeding animals, as a breeder, you should have a solid breeding plan describing your method and vision for breeding and raising dogs. Elements that form part of a breeding plan include:

  • Vision for the behaviour, upbringing and development of (growing) dogs
  • Selection of potential parent animals, what do you look for and what do you exclude?
  • Housing of both adult animals and puppies
  • Selection and exclusion criteria for potential buyers of puppies
  • Method and goals with regard to setting up, improving and expanding your breeding programme
  • Your rights and obligations as a breeder and those of the buyers of your puppies
  • Setting up and maintaining a professional network
  • Points of attention regarding advice and information for interested parties and buyers of puppies

The breeding plan may be extensive and need not be limited to these points. Include what is relevant to you and what you think is worth mentioning in the plan. You can upload the document after completion using the button below. Upload your breeding plan here.

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Practical cases

Dog breeding involves working with animals and people. The ALAEU strives to be a professional association where people can find carefully and responsibly bred Australian Labradoodles that come from skilled and customer-friendly breeders. The ALAEU logo on your website signifies offering quality in all respects. Using a few real-life case studies, we would like to hear how you would handle each situation. You can elaborate on the case studies in the text fields below each.

Case 1: A Dominant Puppy

A week and a half ago, you sold a puppy to Mr and Mrs Jansen. Today you get a message from Ms Jansen, stating that their puppy is sometimes very restless. He then bites everything, including Mrs Jansen's hands, and even started mounting his cuddly toy after their morning walk. She sends you a message saying that she finds this behaviour very annoying and is concerned that they have a very dominant puppy.

Please, enter your what do you send back to ms. jansen? here

Case 2: Problems with the mother dog

Five days ago, your bitch gave birth to a litter of 4 puppies. The puppies are doing very well and the mother is very caring towards her offspring. During a check, you notice she is very swollen on one side of her back nipples. The skin is warm and taut to the touch, and the mother seems uncomfortable when touched.

Please, enter your what is the problem and what will you do now? here

Case 3: Mrs Blauw sends you an email after looking at your website.

She sees that puppies are expected soon and your waiting list is open. She is still in the orientation phase and still has questions about the Australian Labradoodle breed, and whether the breed is right for her and her family. Among other things, she asks about its care and training and what to expect.

Please, enter your what do you write back to give mrs blauw a good and realistic idea of the australian labradoodle? here