Code van ethics

Version 2021-01, valid from 01 January 2021
No rights can be derived from this document by third parties.

  1. I declare that I shall protect, promote and improve the Australian Labradoodle breed in all my actions and adhere to the current Rules and Regulations as well as the Code of Ethics of the ALAEU.
  2. I will always ensure that all dogs under my supervision are properly housed and fed, have access to water, get enough exercise and mental stimulation and receive all necessary veterinary care.
  3. Puppies need to be raised in a domestic environment and need to be socialized with children, other dogs/or other pets.
  4. I guarantee that all pups who are born or live with me will be properly cared for, vaccinated, wormed and are growing up in a healthy environment where they are physically, mentally and socially stimulated. 
  5. I will ensure that no puppies leave my premises before the age of 7 weeks.
  6. I hereby declare that I have never had my membership revoked or suspended by a canine organization and pledge to notify the ALAEU if this were to occur. I also declare that I have never been convicted for any kind of animal abuse.
  7. I agree to an ALAEU kennel inspection and audit if requested by the ALAEU Executive Board and if I am found to be in breach of the current Rules and Regulations or the current Code of Ethics I am aware that I may be suspended.
  8. I will not breed any dog which is not physically and mentally mature and suitable for breeding.
  9. I shall not sell/trade/raffle any dogs or their offspring to any commercial animal wholesalers or retail pet dealers/traders.
  10. I will consult a canine behavourist and/or veterinarian before euthanizing any puppy or dog.
  11. I will ensure that all Australian Labradoodles, not intended for breeding, will be spayed/neutered before the age of 18 months.
  12. I shall ensure to the best of my ability that all persons acquiring dogs from me clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the animal and have made the necessary preparations for the keeping of the dog.
  13.  I will give all puppy owners written information detailing the necessary dietary, training and medical care required.
  14. I shall help educate potential purchasers regarding responsible dog ownership and offer to take back or assist in re-homing any puppy or dog sold by me if unwanted, for any reason at any time, by the purchaser.
  15. I will not misrepresent the qualities of the Australian Labradoodle. I will give the right information about the allergy coat (and allergy friendliness) of an Australian Labradoodle.
  16. I will  solve all disagreements with fellow breeders and puppy buyers in a timely and professional manner.
  17. I shall support and promote breeder integrity, act professionally and be thruthful in all actions both written and oral towards other breeders, puppy buyers and the general public.
  18. I will conscientiously and professionally comply with all conditions of my contract of sale. Part of my sales contract is certainly a health guarantee of 1 years for genetic problems. This guarantee means that a new dog or puppy as soon as possible (and no later than after one year) can be received or the maximum purchase price may be paid as compensation when the dog is not suitable as a pet. 
  19. I will breed all dogs responsibly and keep proper records fo my breeding stock and offspring including any genetic defects which may occure. If I am made aware that a mating I have done has produced a puppy with a life inhibiting defect I will rearrange my breeding program to avoid a repeat mating of that breeding pair.
  20. In all cases where I would like to do something outside ALAEU Rules and Regulations or Code of Ethics, I will send a written request for permission to the board in advance.  I will provide the board with all the necessary information and give them the time required to make a decision.
  21. I will keep the password of the ALAEU database and the information in it private and will not disclose any information from the database to third parties. 
  22. As from 01 January 2021 ALAEU members has to provide evidence to proof that they have enough knowledge to breed dogs.Starting breeders must have a professional qualification certificate before their first litter will be born.