About the breed


An Australian Labradoodle has an allergy-friendly coat that hardly sheds. Experience has shown that a high percentage of people with dog allergies have no problems with the Australian Labradoodle. However, it's important to bear in mind that this is not the case for everyone.

Not everyone with a dog allergy can tolerate the Australian Labradoodle. In addition to fur and dander, some individuals may also be allergic to the dog’s saliva and urine.

Dog allergy

It is, therefore, important to test your reaction to the dog thoroughly if you (suspect you) have allergies before acquiring an Australian Labradoodle. Discuss this with the breeder you have in mind.

If there is no reaction during the test but you find yourself reacting to the puppy after bringing it home, examine it closely. It can also help to bathe the puppy, as it may have picked up allergens through contact with other dogs at the training school or the vet.

If there is no improvement and the allergy worsens, contact the breeder. An ALAEU breeder will always work with you to find a solution.

Coat requirements

People often ask whether the generation influences allergy-friendliness. That is not the case. If it’s a ‘genuine’ Australian Labradoodle, its coat meets the ALAEU requirements for an Australian Labradoodle.