A breeder may decide whether to draw up a contract with castration obligation or with a breeding ban. In the case of a contract with breeding ban, the breeder is not obliged to pass on to the ALAEU if the puppy is neutered after all. However, this is desirable for the completeness of the database.

When a contract with castration obligation is drawn up, a puppy must be castrated/sterilised before the age of 18 months.
The breeder may determine the age at which this must be done and set it out in the contract of sale with the puppy buyer, provided the castration/sterilisation is carried out before 18 months.

This may be communicated via the fully completed postponed desexing form, or by sending the vet's invoice to This should clearly show the dog's name and/or chip number.

The breeder who neuters at early age (only with permission of the board) must send inĀ the litter desexing form.