When you buy an Australian Labradoodle from an ALAEU registered breeder, you may assume that your puppy has been bred according to the code of ethics and the rules of the ALAEU. This will be verified when you receive an official ALAEU pedigree for your puppy. An example of an ALAEU pedigree is shown below.
An ALAEU breeder should never make a pedigree themselves but provide you with an official pedigree for your puppy. Any pedigree that does not exactly match the example below is not issued by the ALAEU and you can not assume that all the ALAEU rules and regulations were followed. If you do not receive an ALAEU pedigree when you purchase your puppy ask your breeder why it has not been provided. There may be an administrative reason for the delay, but your breeder should provide you with a pedigree within four months of purchase.
If you have purchased a puppy with a desexing contract which states that your puppy must be neutered or spayed prior to 18 months of age (the period that you have maximum to spaying/neutering may differ from the 18 months that the ALAEU stipulates in your contract, but can never be longer than 18 months), your puppy will have a stamp on his or her pedigree indicating that she/he is intended as a family pet and should never be used for breeding. See the example below.

If you do not receive and ALAEU pedigree which looks exactly like the one above even after asking your breeder for you, please contact the board at